Zygerrian Slave Empire
Government Info

Zygerrian Slave Empire

Type of Government:

Authoritarianism Empire

Head of State:

The Most High Queen of Zygerria

Head of Government:

Prime Minister

De Facto Leader:

Miraj Scintel

Legislative Branch:

Atai Molec

Societal information


Official Language:

Galactic Basic Standard

Historical information
Date of Fragmentation:

Centuries prior to 21 BBY

Date of Reorganization:

21 BBY


The Zygerrian Slave Empire was a government of the Zygerrians that prospered as a slave-trading enterprise in the centuries leading up to the Clone Wars.


Zygerria sold slave labor throughout the galaxy for thousands of years before the Jedi Order destroyed the Empire in a conflict. The Zygerrian slaver Darts D'Nar felt great resentment towards the Jedi Knights for this act and longed to take revenge for his people.

Nevertheless, despite their empire being shattered, the Zygerrian trade continued in the form of the Zygerrian Slavers Guild. During the Clone Wars, the Zygerrians plotted with Count Dooku to bring back the royal slave auction, a tradition of the old Empire, as part of their attempt to resurrect it. To this end, they kidnapped Togruta colonists from the planet Kiros.


Although the Zygerrian Slave Empire had no organized military, they used shock whips, Zygerrian slave ships, thermal annihilator bombs, Zygerrian blaster rifles, Zygerrian Freighter-class vessels,Slaving collars, and a Zygerrian space station. They were also provided with B2 super battle droid, B1 battle droid, AAT driver battle droids, BX-series droid commandos, Droidekas, Sniper droideka, Flitknot speeders, and Armored Assault Tanks by the Confederacy of Independent Systems.



Zygerrian Slavers Guild

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