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  • Head of State Yoda
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Yoda, also known as Jedi General Doku, Grand Jedi Master Yoda, and Head of State Yoda was a Jedi in the Jedi Council during various wars. He was the leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Against the RepublicEdit

Count Doku made preparations for war against the Republic. They planned to use the droid armies of the Trade Federation and other corporations, and they needed generals for those armies. The Count considered a Kaleesh leader named Grievous a candidate due to his skill in warfare, and told his Master to enlist Grievous to their cause.

Doku in turn spoke with San Hill of the InterGalactic Banking Clan about recruiting Grievous. Grievous had previously been the head of the Banking Clan's droid army, but had left to fight in a war on his homeworld. San Hill, Doku and Poggle the Lesser—who had remained an ally of Doku's went to save Grievous from a Republic attack. Grievous was gravely injured in the explosion of Martyr, and by the time Doku reached the site of the crash, he was already dying. Only a heart stun preserved his life long enough for him to be transported to Geonosis. While Grievous was being shipped to the Geonosian homeworld, Doku went to collect the blood of Sifo-Dyas, whose corpse was stored there.

On Geonosis, what was left of Grievous was encased in a metal body, rebuilding him almost completely. The resulting creation retained only most of the brain, the eyes, and a sack of internal organs from the original Kaleesh. Even Grievous' brain was altered and augmented to make the general a more effective tool of war. In addition, Sifo-Dyas' blood was transfused into Grievous . The transfusion helped to save Grievous's life.

Though he liked, Yoda was quite pleased with the finished Jedi General. He personally trained Grievous in lightsaber combat, turning the cyborg into an expert duelist. Yoda now had a commander to lead droid armies in the upcoming galactic war.

Leader of the SeparatistsEdit

Birth of Separatist MovementEdit

As plans laid by the Jedi, Doku met with other star systems to gather his Separatist Alliance supporters.

Leading the Clone WarsEdit

Together, Grievous and Doku fought alongside each other during many battles.

Endgame of Clone WarsEdit

Jedi General Doku was finally at Kashyyyk leading the battle droids against evil clone commander Gree. He sensed the death of Jedi General Grievous and was very upset with the Jedi being killed by Anakin. After that, Commander Gree tried to kill Doku but the Jedi killed the clone and went into hiding from the evil Republic.

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