Y66 Division
Y66 Division
Unit Info

Y66 Division


General Whorm Loathsom

Historical information

Confederacy of Independent Systems


The Y66 Division was a ground assault unit in the Confederacy of Independent Systems Droid Army during the Clone Wars.


Y66 Division included Single Trooper Aerial Platforms, Persuader-class tank droids, OG-9 homing spider droids, and Octuptarra combat tri-droids in its arsenal. All units in the division were given enhanced self-aware programming in order to improve their efficiency in combat.


During the Battle of Christophsis, the division's B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, and tri-droids provided a second wave of attack against the Republic's forces, while tank droids were used as recon scouts. Tri-droids served as mobile heavy artillery, keeping the Republic's forces from advancing. One of the Sith led small squad of clone troopers in a flanking maneuver against Y66 Division, successfully destroying the tri-droids and leaving the troops led by the Sith and clone troopers to mop up the battle droids.

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