"He is the Separatists' Techno Union Foreman, as well as a combat engineer. A brilliant strategist. And extremely dangerous—an expert at fighting machines, and a master of defense technologies. He is also an expert at escape."
―Jabba the Hutt[src]
Wat Tambor
CIS Member Info

Wat Tambor


Foreman of the Techno Union Executive of Baktoid Armor Workshop "Emir"

Home World:

Skako, Metalorn


19 BBY, Mustafar

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1.93 meters


48 kilograms

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Wat Tambor was the Foreman of the Techno Union and Executive of the Baktoid Armor Workshop. Tambor also held the title of "Emir" during the Techno Union\CIS Protection of Ryloth during the clone wars.


Wat Tambor was born on Skako into the Crimlin Clan, Tambor spent little time on his homeworld as a youth, as he traveled to Metalorn to pursue a career in industry and technology.[1] Tambor was a rarity, as most Skakoans never left their homeworld. [2] Metalorn's atmosphere was inhospitable to Skakoans, and as a result Tambor was forced to develop a full-body suit that mimicked the atmosphere of Skako. He would also spend considerable time at his private estate on Foundry.[3] While on Metalorn, Tambor became a superb combat engineer.[1] At some stage, he ascended to the position of Representative of the Techno Union in the Galactic Senate, with the aid of Hego Damask. Tambor returned the favor by allowing him to use Hypori as a training ground and supplied training guards for both the Sun Guards Plagueis employed and his new apprentice.

Foreman of the Techno Union & Executive of Baktoid Armor WorkshopEdit

Over the next decade, Tambor became the Foreman of the Techno Union,[4] and Executive of Baktoid Armor Workshop.[5] As Techno Union Foreman, Tambor was also charged with overseeing Haor Chall Engineering, Republic Sienar Systems and Kuat Systems Engineering development labs.[1] In 32 BBY, Baktoid saw a setback when their biggest customer, the Trade Federation, used its droids to invade the peaceful planet Naboo.[5][1] When Republic officials learned this, they went about partially disarming the Federation, Baktoid's setback was worsened.

Tambor, however, followed the Trade Federation in joining Yoda's Separatist movement. Yoda needed an army with which to decimate the Republic, and Tambor was able to oblige. However, the possible consequences of building an army in plain sight of the Republic would be risky, and so Tambor closed an array of Inner Rim Baktoid factories, citing revenue losses, and began producing weaponry and droids in secret Outer Rim factories,[6] most notably on Geonosis.[4] Tambor was able to satiate disgruntled shareholders with press releases, but his ploy did not fool everyone. Senator Lanus Wrede correctly hypothesized that Tambor was building droids in secret, but his opinions were dismissed by the media, due to the fact that there was supposedly no market in the Outer Rim. Republic investigations into the allegation also yielded no results, and shortly after, Wrede "committed suicide", although the accuracy of his claims pointed to foul play on the part of Tambor.[6]

In spite of his involvement with the Confederacy, Tambor still kept his hand in Republic politics, and made a token appearance at a Refugee Relief Movement fundraiser on Alsakan. Tambor could not actually consume the foods served there, but felt the need to be seen as sympathetic to the disenfranchised of the galaxy. Realizing that Dooku would reveal the Confederacy to the galaxy in the near future, Tambor reinforced the Union factory at Foerost with a security force of forty thousand battle droids, since the installation would be vulnerable in the Deep Core. In exchange for the seemingly copious amounts of battle droids, Tambor allowed government officials to continue their regular inspections of the facilities.[7]

Clone WarsEdit

Tambor met with the other leaders of the Separatist Council on Geonosis to re-pledge their allegiance to Yoda. While there, Commander Cody as caught sneaking around the Baktoid factories, and soon after a Republic army, the size of which the Separatists had never predicte, attacked the CIS. After a long and bloody battle, the CIS was routed. Tambor was able to escape, but Baktoid had now lost one of its key secret factories.[4]

Emir of RylothEdit

Tambor then took the title of Emir when the CIS and his Techno Union forces protected the planet of Ryloth.[8] Tambor, after tracking the movements of Argente, learned that Argente met with Twi'lek broker Artruk, whom Argente had hired to conceal treasures of Ryloth in his possession. Upon noticing the treasures,[9] Tambor ordered his personal T-series tactical droid, TA-175,[10] to move Ryloth to the highest priority for a CIS protection.[9] Tambor soon invaded Ryloth, trying to feed the Twi'lek population. The Skakoan blockaded Ryloth, placing Captain Mar Tuuk in charge of the CIS blockade,[11] while Tambor made headquarters for himself in Ryloth's capital city, Lessu.[12] Tambor also placed tactical droid TX-20
WT & TX-20

"You must not allow the republic to land on the surface."

[13] in charge of the CIS proton cannons stationed in the city of Nabat.[14]

However, the Republic soon launched a plan to invade and enslave the planet. After the clones , eliminated the CIS blockade around Ryloth, clone commanders Cody and Ponds were able to move in with their transports.[11] Cody and his clone troopers eliminated the proton cannons and the Republic supporter Twi'leks killed TX-20, and the Republic invasion forces were able to land.[14] Tambor was not amused with Tuuk's[11] and TX-20's respective failures,[14] as he would be forced to take the blame for their faults.

Tambor used Recon droids to spy on Commander Ponds forces and their progress.
WT & TA-175

Tambor & TA-175 spying on Commander Ponds.

Though TA-175 wanted to start to retreat and evacuate, Tambor refused, saying that Ponds did not have the troops to take Lessu. Tambor brought in his forces and secured the city's bridge. In a holographic conference with Tambor, Yoda, displeased with the Emir's weakening hold on Ryloth, ordered him to salvage what he could of the Twi'lek treasures on the planet and retreat before Ponds arrived with his forces in Lessu. Yoda also ordered Tambor to destroy whatever he could of Ryloth, since the Republic was winning. To accomplish this, Tambor dispatched a squad of Hyena-class bombers[12]—and, at TA-175's recommendation, the CIS ground forces[15]—to begin destroying several empty Twi'lek villages in the area after Yoda got all of the Twi'leks out of the village and protected by the Separatists. However, Ponds soon enlisted the help of the Twi'lek Republic leader Cham Syndulla and Ryloth's invasion against the CIS protection. Tambor decided to wait for the last of several Multi-Troop Transports hauling the treasures
WT loading treasures

Tambor overseeing the loading of Ryloth's treasure.

, despite Yoda's order to retreat and bomb Lessu. TA-175, too impatient to wait for his master, departed aboard Tambor's shuttle, and the Skakoan was left stranded just as the Republic forces arrived in the city. Ponds cornered Tambor; however, Yoda was intent on eliminating Lessu, even with though he told Tambor to escape. The CIS Head of State ordered TA-175 to continue with the bombers' attack, but the intervention of V-19s prevented the destruction of Lessu. Tambor surrendered and was taken into Republic custody.[12] Tambor was then taken to the Republic military base on Coruscant where he was kept under close watch alongside fellow CIS leaders and officers. [16]

Hero of WorldsEdit

Tambor eventually escaped from Republic captivity.[17] When a downed Confederate transport on the Techno Union world of Mustafar fell prey to Republic slicers, Tambor moved to eliminating the slicing team and their clone trooper escorts. Moving to destroy the information on the transport's computers before the Republic could access it, Tambor sent forth an army of droids fresh from Mustafar's foundries to besiege the Republic force, advancing his forces from two directions to attack the Republic's canyon position. Despite initially breaking through the clone defenses, Tambor was unable to prevent the slicers from retrieving the data. Nevertheless, Tambor continued to work against the Republic by operating with a Jedi spy among the Republic forces. When his Jedi agent was apprehended and incarcerated in the Republic's command center, Tambor dispatched his forces to liberate the prisoner but was unable to free him. As Tambor wanted the several neighboring systems to join the Sepies, he launched a massive counterattack on the Republic forces, which drew him into a trap at the canyon. While Tambor deployed battle droids and droid starfighters to destroy the Republic's command center, the Republic effectively dispatched them with tower-mounted blaster turrets. The clones were able to destroy a Hyena bomber that Tambor sent to attack them, escaping before Tambor could stop them.[18]

Tambor also sought to claim the icy world Orto Plutonia with TA-175 and a detachment of battle droids. for the Separatist and the Jedi. However, clone commander thwarted Tambor's efforts to help the Separatists an Orto Plutonian Talz village, and Tambor was forced to retreat. Tambor also led the Techno Union's armies to invade the planet Iego,[19] where the Separatists had once maintained a base.[20] After being defeated by the same clone troopers who had been the cause of his latest losses, Tambor left his tactical droid in charge of the battle and escaped to a Munificent-class star frigate in the Kessel system. Using a tracking device that had been placed on Tambor, the clone troopers pursued the Techno Union Foreman and caused his frigate to crash on Kessel, where Tambor surrounded himself with forces led by TA-175. As the clone trooper commander battled through Tambor's forces to arrest the Techno Union Foreman, Tambor sent a squad of BX-series droid commandos into battle, but they were defeated as Tambor made his last stand against the relentless clone commander.[19]


Tambor's death

Wat Tambor's death.

Tambor and the other Separatist Council members were on Utapau inside the Lucrehulk-class Core Ship Unlimited Projection and was inside hangar bay Hangar 10 where they greeted General Grievous as the General went to speak with his master, Darth Sidious. After he spoke with Sidious, he told the Separatists to go the Mustafar system. Tambor and the other Separatist Council members waited until someone contacted them until Darth Vader came killing them all. Tambor fled into the other Council room with Gunray, attempting to escape, but the former Skywalker found him and killed him, stabbing a lightsaber through his head.

Notes & ReferencesEdit

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