"The Corporate Alliance will never allow this to happen."
―Voe Atell objecting to Mina Bonteri's peace proposal.[src]
Voe Atell
Voe Atell
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Voe Atell


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Confederacy of Independent Systems


Voe Atell was a Senator of the Separatist Congress. She represented the Corporate Alliance.Voe made a strong rebuttal statement to Senator Mina Bonteri and voted nay for opening peace negotiations with the Galactic Republic. She also attended the peace conference on Mandalore.


Voe Atell was a green-skinned, horned species and a Senator during the Clone Wars.[1] Atell opposed the Republic's government and joined with Count Dooku's breakaway government, the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[2] Atell became a senator for it's Separatist Congress as part of the Corporate Alliance.[3] As a member of the separatist congress, she attended sessions of congress at the Separatist Senate Building on the capital world of Raxus. In the 2nd year of the Clone Wars, Atell voted against fellow senator Mina Bonteri's Peace Bill, saying that the Corporate Alliance would never support this bill. She was rebutted by Kerch Kushi, who said that this government was democracy and not ruled by corporations like the Republic. Atell and a number of senators voted against it but were overturned by Bonteri and other senators.

After a Republic terrorist bombing, which killed Bonteri, the bill was withdrawn from the republic. Atell, along with Congress leader Bec Lawise and a Gossam senator attended the first Peace conference between them and the republic. [4]

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