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Techno Union

Led by



  • Baktoid Armor Workshop
  • Baktoid Combat Automata
  • Haor Chall Engineering
  • Republic Sienar Systems
  • Kuat Drive Yards
  • Kuat Systems Engineering
  • Tagge Company
  • BlasTech Industries
  • Corellian Engineering Corporation
  • Colicoid Creation Nest
  • Arakyd Industries
  • Geonosian Industries


  • Skako Minor (Capital)
  • Balmorra
  • Geonosis
  • Foerost
  • Fondor
  • Foundry
  • Hypori
  • Kuat
  • Mechis III
  • Metalorn
  • Mustafar
  • Nelvaan
  • Ord Cestus
  • Queyta
  • Saleucami
  • Tar Morden
  • Telti
  • Utapau
  • Vulpter
  • Xagobah

Primary Role

Conglomerate of technology firms

Major products

Droids, Starships and other technological goods

date dissolved

19 BBY


The Techno Union was a former Republic commerce guild. It was one of the first corporation to support Count Dooku and his Confederacy of Independent Systems.

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