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21 BBY, Ryloth


Baktoid Combat Automata

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T-series tactical droid

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Masculine programming

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Confederacy of Independent Systems


TX-20 or Commander TX-20 was a tactical droid attached to to the CIS occupation of Ryloth. TX-20 was part of Techno Union Foreman and Emir Wat Tambor's forces during that occupation.


The ProtectionEdit

"Does not compute… Does not compute…"
―TX-20's final words[src]
After Ryloth was secured for the Confederacy, TX-20 was in charge of defending the anti-aircraft proton cannons of the Twi'lek city of Nabat. There, TX-20 was ordered by Emir Tambor
WT & TX-20

TX-20 confering with Emir Tambor.

to prevent the Republic from landing. Anticipating this, TX-20 used the city's population as hostages and a living shield to prevent republic troops from attacking him and the cannons. When the Republic attacked, TX-20 was able to force three republic transports to move away, severely damaging one in the process. TX-20 was able to calculate and anticipate several moves of Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, suggesting that Kenobi would not risk the lives of prisoners and would use an unorthodox maneuver instead. To counter any move of Kenobi while preserving his own forces, TX-20 unleashed starved gutkurrs onto the republic troopers, thinning their ranks severely. After doing this, he began to prepare for their final direct assault, computing that he now had a 742 to 1 odds of victory against the remaining Republic troops. Though TX-20's calculations were correct, he forget one factor: the prisoners. While he was attacking the republic troopers, Kenobi and two troopers used the underground sewers to sneak behind his line and release the captured villagers. TX-20 led his troops to face the Republic assault, but the clones only assaulted as a diversion to allow Kenobi to take control of one of the cannons and fire it, disabling the others. Turning around, TX-20 destroyed Kenobi's commandeered cannon, and closed in with the downed Jedi, believing that by killing him, he could still win. He was about to finish the Jedi with his AAT, the Twi'lek villagers suddenly surged forward and mobbed the tank. TX-20 was torn apart by the Twi'leks
The end of TX-20

"Does not compute. Does not compute."

while offering no resistance, his mechanical brain being unable to cope with the sudden turn of events.[1]

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