"This is taking too long. Destroy that cruiser."
"But sir, there are still hundreds of droids on board!"
"I don't care.
―TF-1726 and a B1 battle droid[src]
Tactical Droid Info



Baktoid Combat Automata

Product Line:



T-series tactical droid

Technical specifications

1.93 meters


Masculine programming

Sensor Color:


Plating Color:

Green and white

Chronological and political information

Confederacy of Independent Systems


TF-1726 was a T-series tactical droid who commanded a fleet of the CIS Navy during the Sky Battle of Quell of the Clone Wars inside a Munificent-class star frigate.


One of the many droids created by Baktoid Combat Automata, a green-and-white-plated T-series tactical droid,[1] TF-1726 served in the CIS Navy[2] during the second year of the Clone Wars. During that time,[3][4] the planet Quell in the Outer Rim Territories, had become a contested site between the Confederacy and the Galactic Republic.[5] TF-1726 led a fleet of several Munificent-class star frigates against Jedi General Secura's flotilla of three Republic Star Destroyers in the highest levels of Quell's atmosphere. Commanding the fleet from his lead frigate, the droid and his forces ambushed Secura's destroyers, initiating the Sky Battle of Quell.

While opening heavy fire on Secura's forces, the tactical droid's fleet deployed several Vulture droid fighters to engage the Republic V-19 Torrent starfighters. Although one of the Munificent-class frigates was shot down by the Republic ships, the Confederacy started to gain the advantage, sending two of Secura's damaged cruisers plunging down to the surface of the planet.[2] Before long, Secura's command ship, the Liberty,[6] lost its deflector shields, prompting the tactical droid to order several hundred rocket pack–equipped[2] B2-RP battle droids[7] to board the crippled Star Destroyer. The battle droids had invaded the Liberty when another Republic ship, the Resolute under General Skywalker', arrived from hyperspace and dispatched several Republic gunships and a Consular-class cruiser to evacuate Secura and her crew.

The evacuation party, led by Jedi General Skywalker, and Secura's remaining forces destroyed several battle droids aboard the Liberty, which delayed the battle's outcome as calculated by the tactical droid. Not tolerating the wait, the droid ordered his gunners to concentrate all of the frigate's fire at the Liberty, ignoring the fact that hundreds of battle droids were still onboard. The resulting laser bombardment set the destroyer's inner corridors on fire, which consumed battle droids and Republic clone troopers alike. However, Skywalker, Secura, and the evacuation party were able to escape from the ship aboard the Consular-class cruiser just before the Liberty was completely destroyed. When the group tried to board the Resolute, the tactical droid's starfighters attacked their ship, causing the cruiser's hyperdrive to accidentally activate. The cruiser jumped to hyperspace, leaving the Resolute and its commanding officer, Admiral Yularen, to continue the battle with the tactical droid's Confederate fleet.[2]

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