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T-series tactical droid

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1.93 meters


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Chronological and political information

Confederacy of Independent Systems


TA-175 was Techno Union Foreman and Ryloth Emir Wat Tambor's personal T-series tactical droid who served him during the CIS occupation of Ryloth.


TA-175 served Foreman Tambor during the Clone Wars. TA-175 then went with Tambor to Ryloth to help him seize it's treasures.[1] TA-175, Tambor and their forces then took over the capital city of Lessu as their own personal base. TA-175 then oversaw the pillaging of Ryloth.[2] Towards the end of the occupation, they learned that General Windu
WT & TA-175
was leading an assault on the capital with a grand goal to capture Tambor. TA-175 advised Tambor to retreat for the republic would be at their gate in a day's time. The droid told Dooku about the current progress which was less than positive. Tambor told Dooku that the droid had exaggerated. Dooku ordered Tambor to evacuate Ryloth and scorch the planet. Tambor was less than enthusiastic of fleeing, though the droid agreed with Dooku. Tambor insisted on taking every single item on the planet that was of any value with him on. The Tactical droid constantly warned Tambor that they didn't have much time to escape. When Windu, now allied with the Twi'lek resistance, breached the capital, the droid lost patience with his master. He and a pair of B1 battle droids approached the Emir's shuttle as Tambor was still inside the capital.

TA-175 ordered the droids to go ahead of him and start 'his' ship, remarking that Emir Tambor was a illogical [2]fool for taking so long. Just as the unit entered the shuttle, Tambor and a pair of B2 super battle droids also came out, going toward the shuttle, but were too late. The tactical droid looked back at the Emir as the shuttle doors closed, and Tambor was left shocked as he had just missed his departing ship. Leaving his master behind, the unit told Dooku of Tambor's arrogance and Dooku was less than pleased. The count then ordered the droid to tell the Hyena-class bombers to destroy the capital but the bombers failed to do so.[3]

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