T81 Division
T81 Division
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T81 Division



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Confederacy of Independent Systems


T81 Division was the best Separatist Droid Army unit assigned to Jedi General Yoda during the Clone Wars. Ventress deployed one of its battalions—led by two OOM commanders, one designated 224—to a moon, Rugosa, where they were destroyed by


Despite low target accuracy, the maneuverability and destructive force of T81 Division was highly rated compared to other Separatist droids. Utilizing gray and blue-striped STAPs and AATs, and spider droids with blue photoreceptors, the OOM commander-led division included B1, B2, and B2-HA infantry with Droidekas.


Around 21 BBY, under the orders of Yoda the C-9979 landing craft L-2832 deployed a T81 Division battalion to the coral moon of Rugosa in a bid to convince King Katuunko of Separatist superiority, boasting his droids could capture Asajj Ventress —there negotiating a Toydarian system Republic presence. Led by two OOM commanders, the battalion had difficulty navigating through coral, compelling the commander designated 224 to abandon the AATs. The clone troopers then helped Ventress rout them. After losing the battalion of clones, Ventress retreated.

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