"I'm far too valuable to be scrapped."
―The tactical droid[src]
Unidentified T-series tactical droid (unidentified planet)
Tactical Droid Info

Unidentified T-series tactical droid (unidentified planet)

Date Destroyed:

c. 21 BBY, unidentified planet


Baktoid Combat Automata

Product Line:



T-series tactical droid

Technical specifications

1.93 meters


Masculine programming

Sensor Color:


Plating Color:

White and red

Chronological and political information

Confederacy of Independent Systems


This T-series tactical droid served in the Separatist Droid Army during the Clone Wars.


During the Clone Wars, this T-series tactical droid served in the Separatist Droid Army,[1] and around 21 BBY,[2] he attracted the attention of Jedi General Secura. Wanting to obtain the data held in the memory banks of the tactical droid's cranial unit, Secura planned an ambush to acquire the head of the droid. With her clone troopers, she set a trap by fabricating an information bunker in a rocky canyon on a planet. Eventually, the tactical droid learned about the bunker, and, hoping to receive valuable information about the Republic forces, he led his droid forces to capture it.

By the time the tactical droid arrived at the bunker with his forces, Secura had hidden herself inside of it, and positioned her clone troopers on a nearby rock formation, where they prepared to ambush the droid forces. As a B2 super battle droid exploded the door of the bunker, the tactical droid ordered his data retrieval droids to gather all of the information held in the data banks inside it. The droids, however, informed the tactical droid that the data banks were completely empty. This revelation confused the tactical droid, and at that moment, the Republic clone troopers launched their attack. Under heavy fire, the tactical droid panicked, ordering his droid forces to defend him while he fled inside the bunker and left his cohorts to be destroyed by the clone troopers. Inside the bunker, the droid stated that he was too valuable to be destroyed, but was suddenly confronted by Secura. Before the surprised droid could trigger cyberostasis to protect his memory banks, Secura quickly decapitated the tactical droid with her lightsaber. The Jedi then took the droid's unscathed head, preparing to transfer the cranial unit to her cruiser and analyze it with a robolobotomy.[1]

Notes & ReferencesEdit

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