Tactical Droid (Kiros)
TacticalDroid Kiros
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Tactical Droid (Kiros)

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21 BBY, Kiros


Baktoid Combat Automata

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Tactical Droid

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Chronological and political information


A T-Series tactical droid was stationed on Kiros under the command of Zygerrian slaver Darts D'Nar. He was destroyed after a bomb on his back was activated, and subsequently Force pushed out of a window by Jedi General Kenobi.


The tactical droid accompanied Count Dooku and Zygerrian Commander Darts D'Nar
TD (kiros)

Count Dooku, Com. D'Nar and his tactical droid arriving on Kiros.

as they landed on the Togruta Colonoy of Kiros. The tactical droid was then ordered to round up Kiro's citizens. The tactical droid and D'Nar then waited for the republic forces in the Governor's tower. After D'Nar's meeting with Dooku and Zygerrian Prime Minister Atai Molec, the tactical droid stood by as D'Nar and Jedi GeneralKenobi negotiated

D'Nar and his tactical droid at the Governor's tower on Kiros.

. At D'Nar's orders, the tactical droid detonated one of the explosives planted in the city. The tactical droid watched as D'Nar fought kenobi, until he was informed by a B1 battle droid that the jedi had disarmed the bombs. Despite, D'Nar activated this last bomb. Unfortunately, the bomb was on the back of the tactical droid. D'Nar pushed the tactical droid towards and the droid was pushed out of the window by Kenobi and detonated.[1]

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