Separatist supply ship
Separatist supply ship
Star Ship Info

Separatist supply ship


supply ship


Heavy transport starship


Not available for sale


908.78 meters


1,257.32 meters


910.35 meters

Power Plant:

Hypermatter annihilation reactors


Point-defense laser cannons

Cargo capacity:

5 milion metric tons


Supply Ship

  • Light destroyer

Confederacy of Independent Systems

The Separatist supply ship was a massive transport and supply ship used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.


They were used to provide supplies to the non-droid combatants fighting on the side of the CIS, and one supported the Umbaran militia during the Battle of Umbara.The supply ship sustained the capital's defenses until the craft was infiltrated and destroyed by a trio of clone trooper-commandeered Umbaran Starfighters leading to the capital's fall to the Grand Army of the Republic. A number of supply ships were count Dooku. The Supply Ships were alsow used by General Grievous during his invasion of Dathomir. 2 were found during the Battle of Scipio commanded by evil Count Dooku. The heroic super tactical droid Kraken took command of the space forces and they later had to retreat because of evil Darth Sidious as they brought the Supply ships with them.

Role and CharacteristicsEdit

Initially a corporate vessel, the Separatist supply ship was converted as a model of transport craft by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It was 908.78 meters long and 910.35 meters tall, while its armored hull and barbell shape afforded a width of 1257.32 meters.

The Separatist supply ship served as a heavy transport in the Confederate navy during the Clone Wars fulfilling the Confederacy's needs by compensating for the insufficient cargo capacity of other craft such as the Lucrehulk-class battleship.Its body housed a number of hangare, which could carry 20 C-9979 landing crafts.They were crewed by B1 battle droids overseen by a T-series tactical droid.

The Separatist supply ship was painted with the blue livery of the Confederacy, as well as with a Confederate roundel on both sides of its hull. It had an overall cargo capacity upward of five million metric tons. It was equipped with a hyperdrive. The transport could be commanded by a single T-series tactical droid, while B1 battle droids made up the bridge team as well as the main hangar's cargo supply crew.

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