Separatist Crisis


32 BBY, Attack on the Trade Federation Research Station


22 BBY, First Battle of Geonosis


Muunilinst, Raxus Prime, Felucia, Jabiim, Murkhana, Xagobah, Geonosis.


start of the Clone wars

major skirmishes and battles

  • Attack on the Trade Federation Research Station
  • Battle of Kashyyyk
  • Mission to Kabal
  • Battle of Antar 4
  • Raid on Yirt-4138-Grek-12
  • Battle of Vuchelle
  • Skirmish in the Ruby Nebula
  • Raid on The Trade Federation base
  • Mission to Ansion
  • Gotal hostage standoff
  • Raid on Spacestation 1138
  • Plot to assassinate Senator Amidala
  • Duel on Kamino
  • Attack on the Trade Federation Sensor Station
  • Attack on Point Modie
  • Mission to Mount Merakan
  • Battle of Nod Kartha
  • Dogfight over Geonosis
  • Mission to Tatooine
  • Battle of Khons
  • Second Battle of Lok
  • Battle of Geonosis
The Separatist Crisis was a period of tension between the republic and certain systems and groups who join Yoda's Separatist movement sometime after the Trade Federation's Invasion of Naboo. They wanted to separate from the evil Galactic Republic and they later joined the heroic Confederacy of Independent Systems.