Separatist Council
The Separatist Council on Utapau
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Separatist Council

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Articles of Secession

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Head of State

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Geonosis, Neimoidia, Utapau, Mustafar


Galactic Credit Standard

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Date of Establishment:

24 BBY

Date of Dissolution:

19 BBY


The Separatist Council, also known as the Council of Separatists, the Separatist Union, the Confederate Council or the Leadership Council was the Legislative Branch of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.


Pre-War and GeonosisEdit

When the Confederacy of Independent Systems formed, the Separatist Council was formed to counter the Republic Senate's corruption. The secession movement was led by Count Dooku.

The War & UtapauEdit

Death of the CouncilEdit




The Council was made up of represenatives of Separatist allied worlds and Galaxy wide corporations. It was lead by the Head of State.

Members of the Council were:


Republic Senators who joined the cause

  • Toonbuck Toora- Senator of Sy Myrth
  • Tyreca Bremack—Senator of Agamar and the Lahara sector
  • Intergalactic Banking Clan Senators
  • Prince Tal Merrik- Senator of Kalevala (Mandalore)
  • Lott Dod- Senator for Trade Federation
  • Dodra F'ass—Senator of Clak'dor VI and the Mayagil sector
  • Corlissi Ludar—Senator of Sluis Van and the Sluis sector
  • Rodd—Senator of Fondor and the Tapani sector
  • Esu Rotsino—Senator of Abrion Major and the Abrion sector
  • Vien'sai'Malloc- Senator of Devaronian Space
  • Daggibus Scoritoles- Senator of Yag'Dhul and the Givin Domain
  • Zurros—Senator of Falleen
  • Navi- Senator of Thustra
  • Bufus Ritsomas—Senator of Till Chorios and the Meridian sector
  • Danry Ledwellow—Senator of Er'Kit
  • Wuja Wojaine—Senator of Almanian sector
  • Onocanda Farr- Senator of Savereen Sector (Briefly allied with the CIS)
  • Gume Saam-Senator of Tibrin
  • Havriso Looruya— Senator of Yir Tangee
  • Silvu Donte— Senator of Riflor
  • The Senators of the Separatist Congress
  • Viento

Other members of Power

  • Alaric- King of Thustra
  • Beolars Bribbs- President of the Sullustan Council and CEO of SoroSuub Corporation
  • Ado Eemon—Ruler of Caramm V
  • Candobar Inglet—Khedive of the Sluis sector and Sluis Van
  • Belo Tusus—Ruler of Orto
  • Pre Vizsla- Governor of Concordia & Leader of Death Watch
  • Jolluc—Maujasi Leader of the Mauja clans
  • Daragi Hoba—First Minister of Ando
  • Rankwin Fopow—Prime Oligarch of the Cadinth Oligarchy
  • Eleven Elders of the People—Ruling Council of Emberlene
  • Five Families of Cestus Cybernetics
    • Debbikin the Young; research (male Human)
      • Debbikin the Elder
    • Lady Por'Ten; energy (female Human)
      • Lord Por'Ten
    • Kefka; manufacturing (male humanoid)
    • Llitishi; sales and marketing (male Wroonian)
    • Caiza Quill; mining (male X'Ting)
  • Lorca Oviedo- Director of Oviedo Engineering
  • The Morgukai
  • King Kikipi—Ruler of Toong'l
  • Topas dosLa—Overliege of Ukio