Sanjay Rash
Sanjay Rash, CIS Puppet King of Onderon
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Sanjay Rash


King of Onderon

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c. 20 BBY, Onderon

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1.74 meters

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Confederacy of Independent Systems

D of SR
Death of Sanjay Rash


Sanjay Rash was the king of Onderon.


Sanjay Rash was strong supporter of the CIS. Rash and his advisor Okalin then covertly took control of Onderon away from King Ramsis Dendup and became king. Rash allowed the CIS to send in a occupation force to ensure his control over Onderon
SR overlooking O

In the royal residence, Sanjay Rash looks over his vast kingdom.


After the death of Onderon's senator, Mina Bonteri[2], a few of Onderon's citizens, including Senator Mina Bonteri's son Lux, banded together to liberate their planet and dispose of him.[3] Rash became annoyed with these terrorists when they attempted several attempts on his life, and tried to order his predecessor to order them to stand down. Dendup refused to do so unless Rash removed the CIS occupation force from Onderon. After the terrorist destroyed the battle droids power generator, Rash and Okalin contacted Dooku, asking him for reinforcements. Dooku granted his request by sending him a better general, the super tactical droid Kalani.[4]

As the rebels began to step up their attacks, Rash discussed the situation with Okalin and generals Tandin and Kalani.
GT, SR, O, & GK

King Rash and Okalin speaking with General Tandin & Kalani

Rash then summoned Dendup, once again demanding he call the rebellion off, to which the deposed king repeated he had no hand in starting.The next day, Rash planned on publicly executing Dendup, along with Saw, who was captured attempting to rescue the deposed king.
SR and BDs

Rash's public execution of Dendup.

It was Rash's intention to demoralize the rebellion, as well as capture the rebels who attempt to rescue him. As soon as the rebels made their move, they were surrounded by droids and forced to surrender. But before Rash could proceed with the execution, Tandin and the military chose to rescue the rebels, having been convinced by Saw that Rash was not acting in Onderon's best interest. Tandin held Rash hostage, allowing Dendup, the rebels and his men to flee, even as Rash reminds the general that he'll be killed once he releases him. However, Jedi commander Tano emerged from the crowd and used the Force to knock down the droids, enabling Tandin and herself to escape. Rash's droids attempted pursuit, but the populace chose to impede them, openly declaring their support to the rebellion.[5] Rash watched as riots engulfed Iziz.

Rash watching as Riots sweep over Iziz.

The rebels soon prepared for their final battle to take back the planet. Rash and Kalani sent a large force of battle droids and Heavy Missile Platform droid gunships to combat them. While the rebels were outnumbered, they seemed to have the upper hand. At some point during this final skirmish, Dooku contacted Rash and Kalani. Rash quickly explained what was happening and that they would need even more help to defeat the rebels. Dooku was angered, not wanting another war to deal with. He commanded Kalani to call back all of the droid forces from the planet. As soon as the hologram of Dooku closed, Kalani shot Rash, killing him.
GK execution of KSR

Rash being executed by Kalani.


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