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Saljé Tasha was a female Anzati assassin during the Clone Wars.


The Clone WarsEdit

Two year and four months after the Battle of Geonosis, Tasha was hired by Dark Acolyte Sora Bulq and Senator Viento to assassinate former Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum.[1][2] Tasha followed Valorum and boarded the freighter Star of Iskin. Tasha followed and killed him, drinking his "soup". Tasha planted a bomb on the ship and exited before the ship lifted off.
  • Tasha drinking Valorum's "Soup".
  • Tasha planing a bomb on the Star of Iskin.
The Star of Iskin was destroyed[1] to cover her tracks.

Tasha kept in contact with Bulq and the Separatists after the Valorum job. Six months before the end of the Clone Wars, Saljé was on Coruscant and heard that Khaleen Hentz was looking to hire her. But as she always researched people, Tasha rightly suspected that Quinlan Vos, Hentz's constant companion, was behind the request. Vos had come seeking information about the Valorum job and her connection with Senator Viento. Vos drew her into a heated confrontation to reveal what she knew, she promised to "relieve" him of the pain he caused and eventually he managed to draw the memories of her with his psychometric abilities, leading him to believe Sora Bulq was the "Second Sith", Darth Sidious. Since he knew the identity of her other employer, Tasha prepared to make him "one of the Silent Voices, forever". But before she could drink his soup, Khaleen struck her with a metal pole and aimed a blaster at her. Tasha fled the scene, having also lost her gauntlets in the process. She vowed vengeance on Vos and Hentz.[2]

Notes & ReferencesEdit

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