"I can sympathize with a former foe who has discovered that he was doing the wrong thing for what he thought were the right reasons. But all who have died in this war fought for what they believed was right."
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New Plympto


19 BBY, New Plympto

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Rootrock was a general for both the Confederacy of Independent Systems and his native Nosaurian rebel forces on New Plympto during the Clone Wars.


When he was young, Rootrock witnessed a Jedi confronting six raiders in his village. The Jedi pleaded with them to surrender, and decimated them in seconds when they refused.

At some point, he became a general of his species. When New Plympto sided with the Confederacy, due to their promise of reviving the rikknit egg market, he led his troops against the Republic forces.

When Nosaurian scout Captain Bomo Greenbark encountered Jedi Dass Jennir while on patrol at the end of the Clone Wars, after Order 66, Greenbark brought him to their base and signaled for help. In a few moments, Rootrock and his men had captured the Jedi, but Rootrock forbade the execution of Jennir. Back at camp, Rootrock and Jennir had a conversation in which the Jedi heard about the plight of the Nosaurians, and promised that after looking for more answers to his problem on Coruscant, he would consider returning to New Plympto to help Rootrock's Separatist holdouts fight against the Empire. Rootrock agreed to that, and provided Jennir with a ship.[1]

Jennir indeed did return, and became a general of the Nosaurian rebellion, along with Rootrock, though they seemed to be fighting a lost cause. Rootrock was shot and killed by Imperial forces during the Battle of Half-Axe Pass, the rebellion's last stand.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Rootrock was a very understanding man, forgiving and even sympathizing with Jedi Master Jennir after Order 66 took place. He was a stern but respectable general for the Confederacy and his people, and he wouldn't give up the fight against the Republic/Imperial clones, even after he and his men knew that their fight was a lost cause.[1]

He also liked drinking flagons of nectar, as he did while talking with Jennir.[1]

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