Rish Loo
Rish loo
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Rish Loo

  • Gungan priest/advisor to Boss Lyonie
  • CIS spy
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21 BBY, Naboo

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2.07 meters

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Rish Loo was a Gungan Minister who presided on Otoh Gunga and served the Gungan Boss Lyonie. He secretly conspired with the Sith Lord Count Dooku but his dealings with the Sith ultimately cost him his life.


Rish Loo was a male Otolla Gungan priest. Rish Loo was known to have powers that could bewitch minds.
RL's mind-control

Rish Loo using his "magic".


Clone WarsEdit

Rish Loo then became an minister and advisor to Gungan leader, Boss Lyonie of the Gungan High Council.

Rish Loo manipulating Boss Lyonie.

During this time, Rish Loo became an agent of Count Dooku and the CIS.

Rish Loo gave lyonie a necklace that allowed him to control Lyonie actions. Rish Loo formented unrest between the Gungan Grand Army and the Naboo. Rish Loo to continued to do this until Jedi General Skywalker, Republic Senator Amidala, and Gungan Represenative Binks came to investigate. Rish Loo was then contacted by Dooku and assured him that Gungan officers would allow CIS Droid Army to land and take Theed. Rish Loo was then confronted by a freed Lyonie. Rish Loo tried to reinstate his control over Lyonie. He was stopped by Skywalker and Amidala. Rish Loo then summoned two commando droids. Rish Loo then got into a struggle with Lyonie. Rish Loo then stabbed Lyonie
RS stabbing BL

Rish Loo stabbing Boss Lyonie.

and escaped from Otoh Gunga.

Rish Loo then went to the Gungan Grand Army, lying to them that Lyonie was murdered and that they would honor Lyonie's last wish to march on Theed with the CIS droid army. His plan failed when Skywalker and Amidala sent Binks, posing as Lyonie, to stop the attack.
RL Exposed

Rish Loo exposed as a traitor.

Rish Loo then fled on a speder being pursued by Skywalker as he made his way towards his lab. He was then contacted by the Count, at the behest of Lord Sidious, to capture skywalker in order do a prisoner-exchange for Gen. Grievous. Rish Loo was able to do this, and entered his lab. As Skywalker entered, Dooku, calling Rish Loo a fool, stabbed in the back.[1]

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