"You should become a politician."
"I'm already a banker, and that's much more vile.
―Dooku & Pors Tonith[src]
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Pors Tonith was a Muun admiral from the planet Muunilinst.


A member of the Tonith family, he had originally been a financier before entering military service. He was the leader of the Separatist force attacking Praesitlyn, a vital communications center for Coruscant and several other of the Core Worlds.

Tonith landed a massive force that quickly overwhelmed the local defenses. The planet remained in Separatist hands until a counterattack by the reinforced Republic forces, led by Jedi Generals Skywalker and Halcyon.

Pors Tonith was a great believer in his own military genius and his position as a "favored minion" of Count Dooku, although some of this may have been hubris on the part of the Muun. That said, he does seem to have shown a high degree of tactical ability, destroying the planet's garrison by engaging it with an advanced force before landing the main body of his troops behind them, catching them between his two contingents and almost completely wiping them out. He showed somewhat less finesse in dealing with a force of Sons and Daughters of Freedom, overrunning their position through sheer weight of numbers, though it should be noted that he was directly ordered to do so by Dooku—an order which he protested against at the time. Although this attack caused his forces to take severe casualties, he was nevertheless able to effectively face the clone trooper counterattack, using a mobile reserve of tank droids, and underground bunkers to shield his droids from artillery.

Pors Tonith was eventually captured by Skywalker in an assault which, by all rights, should have been suicidal, after the Muun prepared to eliminate his hostages.

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Pors Tonith had a fondness for Dianogan tea. He frequent use of it left him with stained teeth.

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