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Pistoeka sabotage droid
Buzz droid
Battle Droid Info
Battle Droid Model:

Pistoeka sabotage droid


Colicoid Creation Nest


Pistoeka sabotage droid


Sabotage droid

Technical specifications
Sensor Color:



0.25 meters in diameter


4 kilograms[1]

  • Drill heads
  • Plasma cutting torches
  • Circular saws
  • Prying hooks
  • Picket and pincer arms[2]
Chronological and political information


Pistoeka sabotage droids, better known simply as buzz droids, were a type of insect-like automatons that were deployed in swarms during battlefleet actions by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. They could wreak havoc upon squadrons of starfighters that happened to fly through a formation of such deployed droids. Approximately one-quarter of a meter in diameter and well armed for their role, they were typically delivered by discord missiles from droid tri-fighters and Vulture droid starfighters.


Weapon SystemsEdit


Notes & ReferencesEdit

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