OOM Commander Battle Droid
OOM command droid
Battle Droid Info
Battle Droid Model:

OOM Commander Battle Droid


Baktoid Combat Automata

Product Line:

B-series Battle Droid


Battle droid

Technical specifications

Masculine programming

Sensor Color:



1.91 meters

Chronological and political information


OOM command battle droids or OOM Commander Battle Droids and commonly known as Battle Droid Officers, Battle Droid Commanders, or Commander Battle Droids, were any OOM-series battle droids used by the Trade Federation and Confederacy of Independent Systems for the purposes of transmitting orders from the Central Control Computer to squads of infantry or security battle droids.


OOM Commander Battle Droids were used by the Trade Federation for commanding B1 battle droids. When the Central Control Computer was destroyed, the OOM Commanders would still be active for a few minutes and then shut down. When the Trade Federation joined the heroic Confederacy of Independent Systems, OOM Commander Battle Droids were sold to the Confederacy and used to command B1 Battle Droids and B2 super battle droids. OOM Commander Droids have a yellow circle on the front of their body and yellow on their arms, feet, backpack, and back of their head.

This meant they are Commander Battle Droids. Commander Droids usually carried E-5 blaster rifles when they are on ground battles. When in space, OOM Commander Battle Droids wouldn't have an E-5 Blaster rifle, instead they would carry nothing and serve the General of the ship. OOM Commanders can also command ships on their own such as Munificent-class star frigates and Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ships.

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