"He's surrounded by a group of trained commandos called the Nimbus."
―Captain Orliss Gillmunn, speaking of Alto Stratus[src]
Nimbus commando
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Nimbus commando


Alto Stratus


Alto Stratus

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Historical information


The Nimbus commandos were the elite guards of the Jabiimi Separatist leader Alto Stratus. They were heavily armored, with SC blaster rifles and grenades, and wore specialized repulsorlift skates that allowed them to glide across the mud terrain of Jabiim. They were recruited to be the Separatist equivalent of the Galactic Republic's clone commando units that were wreaking havoc on the CIS.

During the Battle of Jabiim, these elite soldiers saw action against the Republic clone trooper forces. The Nimbus commandos managed to destroy an AT-AT, ambush a Republic convoy headed for Cobalt Station, defeat the Republic forces at Cobalt Station, launch a surprise attack on Shelter Base, and crush General Norcuna's forces in the northern hemisphere.

Following the Battle of Jabiim, Colonel Mazzi took command of the Nimbus Commandos and Nationalist Army.

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