Morgukai Shadow Army
Bok and the Morgukai Shadow Army
Unit Info

Morgukai Shadow Army


Dooku Bok

Notable Members:

Saleucami Cloning Complex, Saleucami

Historical information

19 BBY


19 BBY


Confederacy of Independent Systems

  • Morgukai


The Shadow Army was the name given to the army of Morgukai clones created on Saleucami to oppose the Jedi and their clone army during the last months of the Clone Wars.


Seeking to establish a viable counter-measure to the Republic's clone army, the CIS recruited one of the last remaining Morgukai, Bok, using him as the template for a new clone army. Sora Bulq was given control of this operation, with Tol Skorr operating as his lieutenant. To train the Morgukai clones, Bulq recruited Anzati assassin teachers from Anzat. The necessary cloning facilities were constructed in the magma chambers beneath the capital city on Saleucami, also doubling as the training ground and all powered by the geothermal power stations also built into these catacombs. The clones and their instructers were all equipped with Cortosis alloy blades, to allow them to combat Jedi, though the source of these weapons is unknown. According to the assassin trainer Rath Kelkko, the Morgukai clones adapted quickly to the Anzati methods and techniques, though he noted that proper mastery required years of training and practice.[1]


Unfortunately, Jedi Spy Tholme and Jedi General Secura found out about the Shadow Army. Tholme found that on Saleucami, the CIS was growing an army of them beneath Saleucami's capital.[1] After their secret was out, the Shadow Army was prevented from leaving Saleucami when the jedi found out about it and sent in army under Jedi General Ranciss. A prolonged siege came about by the Galactic Republic, which ended with their destruction.[2]

Notes & ReferencesEdit

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