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Moralo Eval

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Phindar [1]

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1.75 meters

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Confederacy of Independent Systems


Moralo Eval was a bounty hunter during the Clone Wars.


Conniving even for Phindian standards, Moralo Eval earned a loathsome reputation as a heartless murderer at a young age. As a boy, he killed his mother, telling authorities he did it because he was "bored." A lifetime spent as a criminal and a fugitive gave Eval a sharp survival instinct, and he had impressive technical and engineering skills. Life on the run may have also left him deranged; Moralo's odd mannerisms included talking about himself in the third person. During the Clone Wars, reports surfaced that Moralo was working with Count Dooku, possibly plotting to kidnap Republic Chancellor Palpatine, even though Eval was behind bars at the time
ME in prison

Moralo being put into prison.


During his time at the Republic prison, he met up Rako Hardeen and was impressed by his work. Eval then invited him into his cell, but Cad Bane who paid by Eval to free him, did not trust Hardeen. Eval and Bane than stage their escape during a prison riot. Hardeen helped the two escape

Moralo escaping the republic prison with help from Cad Bane & Rako Hardeen

.[2] Eval, Bane, and Hardeen then made their way to Nal Hutta to gather some gear and aquire a new ship. Eval and Bane tried to leave Hardeen behind, but Hardeen was captured by the Hutts and the Hutt guards shot their ship down. Eval and Bane then met back up with Hardeen who got another ship due to a favor the Hutts owed him
CB, ME & RH 2

Bane, Eval, & Hardeen preparing to leave Nal Hutta.

. Eval and his cohorts then went to Orondia to get another ship. Unfortunately, they were being tracked by Jedi General Skywalker and Commander Tano. Luckily the three bounty hunters escaped[3] and then made their way to Serenno.

When Eval, along with Bane and Hardeen arrived on Serenno and were greeted by Dooku
RH, ME, & CB

Hardeen, Eval, & Bane arrive on Serreno.

. Eval and Dooku then offered Bane and Hardeen a chance to enter a special challenge. Eval and Dooku then presented the Box to Bane, Hardeen, and 10 other bounty hunters. Eval and Dooku then went to the control room to oversee the Box's challenges

Eval and Dooku overlooking the Box from the control room.


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