Miraj Scintel
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Miraj Scintel


Queen of Zygerria and Member of the Separatist Council

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21 BBY, Tecora over Zygerria

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1.85 meters

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Miraj Scintel was the Queen of Zygerria during the Clone Wars. She was also a member of the Separatist Council.


During the Clone Wars, Scintel alligned herself, Zygerria and it's Slave Empire to Count Dooku and his Confederacy of Independent Systems hoping to rebuild their empire. Scintel dispatched Commander Darts D'Nar to accompany Count Dooku to the Togruta colonoly of Kiros so that he could enslave Kiros's population for their slave auction.[1] She planned to auction off the 50,000 togruta colonists of Kiros to bring back the slave empire. Scintel then met a brigand by the name of Lars Quell, who told her of how he killed one her enemies, Bruno Denturi. Quell quickly attracted Scintel's personal interest with his boldness and rather disrespectful behavior towards her, and with his rescuing her from the assassination attempt by a young slave girl.

Later, at the slave auction, Quell's cover was blown, revealing himself to be a jedi, a fight ensued. When his "merchandise" was subdued by Scintel's electro-shocker built into her leash and collar, Anakin raced to save her and capture Scintel. Though hit by several electro-whips, he kept advancing until overcome by the pain and a well-aimed blow by the Queen. Taken by Skywalkers's sense of loyalty, persistence and attractiveness, Scintel had Skywalker taken to her chambers and made him her personal bodyguard, ensuring his loyalty by holding his companions hostage.[2] Skywalker reluctantly conceded, but nevertheless continued hatching an escape plan.

Scintel had Skywalker accompany her on meeting with Bosso Weex's men about a spice shipment. Skywalker protected from these men though he refused to kill them for her. [3]Finally, he managed to gain information about his freinds's whereabouts and freed his apprentice, who had been kept in the palace. But, in the meantime, Scintel had resisted Count Dooku's orders to have the Jedi killed, instead planning to break them with the hopelessness of their situation, so Dooku came to Zygerria to persuade her face to face. When Miraj still refused to give in, Dooku Force-choked her, crushing her windpipe; Skywalker arrived too late to rescue her.[4]

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