"How many lives on both sides have to end before we see the futility? Surely there's room in the galaxy for Confederate and Republic planets to coexist. I move that we immediately open peace negotiations with Chancellor Palpatine on Coruscant."
―Mina Bonteri proposing a peace treaty to the Separatist Congress[src]
Mina Bonteri
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Mina Bonteri

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Mina Bonteri was a Senator in the Separatist Congress during the Clone Wars. She lived on Raxus, one of the capitals of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, with her son, Lux.

Biography Edit

Mina Bonteri was a friend and mentor of Republic Senator Padme Amidala. She was originally part of the Republic, but she viewed it as corrupt, and seceded to the Confederacy after it was officially founded. She was also an admirer of Count Dooku for standing up to the Republic. Her husband also served the Separatists, until clone troops killed him on Aargonar while he was setting up a base there.[1]

When Bonteri's friend Amidala secretly came to Raxus with Jedi Ahsoka Tano to ask for advice on ending the war, Bonteri agreed to help Amidala forge a peace treaty. In the Separatist Congress building, she made her proposal, and it was passed with a majority of Senators voting in favor of it, though there were a few naysayers.[1]

However, the Republic/Separatist Senators, Lott Dod, Nix Card, and Gume Saam conspired with Dooku to thwart the bill with an attack on Coruscant involving demolition droids. The attack was successful, and the bill of peace was rejected by the Republic.[1]

Bonteri died shortly thereafter, under mysterious circumstances. Dooku attributed her death to a Republic attack, but some Republic spies reported instead that Dooku's agents had killed her.[2]

Personality and traits Edit

"With all due respect, as a Separatist, didn't you create this war?"
"It's all right. That's a very polarized point of view, my dear. Would it surprise you to learn that many of the people you call Separatists feel the same way about the Republic, and the Jedi?"
―Ahsoka Tano, Padme Amidala, and Mina Bonteri discussing the views of the Separatists toward the Republic and Jedi[src]

Mina Bonteri was a shining example of an idealistic Separatist Senator. She disagreed with the direction of the Republic, and though she had close alliances with many of her fellow Senators, she decided to join the Confederacy. She understood how and why so many Separatists had sour feelings for the Republic and the Jedi, but she herself bore no hate for either one, just a lack of desire to side with either of them, due to her purity of heart and lack of darkness in her soul. Unlike most Separatist war heroes and soldiers, Mina had no desire for conquest or warfare, wanting only peace, justice, and freedom, and preferring a soft peace where the Confederacy and Republic could coexist together rather than utter defeat of one side or the other. Mina died for her ideals, under mysterious circumstances, while looking for a diplomatic solution to the war.[3]

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