"The Corporate Alliance is asking us to risk everything on this battle. It's a giant gamble for us, for the whole Confederacy."
―Commander Merai[src]
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Merai was one of the Calamari's greatest commanders of his time. Merai joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars but paid dearly for joining the CIS at the First Battle of Kamino.


Early Life & ServiceEdit

Merai was one of the greatest Calamari commanders of his time. Merai was also the most decorated hero of the Quarren War.[1]

The Clone WarsEdit

After the Force Harvester attacked Mon Calamari, Merai joined the CIS Navy.[2] Under orders from Corporate Alliance Magistrate Passel Argente, Merai was to lead the assault on Kamino. Argente told him that the Alliance had information/coordinates of Tipoca City's main reactor. Despite the information being somewhat unreliable, Merai went along with the plan. Merai believed that with his submersible starfighters, his battle expertise would win the day for their cause. Unfortunately, the Jedi became aware of this plan thanks to their spies. Merai sent down his landing ships with a thick droid starfighter escort. The battle seemed to be going well for the CIS.

When Merai piloted his submersible ship, the Shark, to destroy the shield generator, he discovered that there was no generator. Merai suspected that someone tampered with the CIS intelligence. To make sure that his remaining forces escaped intact, Merai did a suicide attack with the Shark and destroyed the Jedi starfighters' hyperspace rings.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

"What do you think, Merai? Too big a risk for the greatest Mon Calamari commander?"
"You honor me, Duke. I'm just glad to have the chance to aid the cause of freedom in the galaxy. When do we strike?"
―A Mon Calamari Duke and Merai discussing the mission to Kamino[src]

Merai was one of the most legendary Mon Calamari commanders at the time of the Clone Wars, possibly rivaling the genius of the Republic's Captain Ackbar. He was very professional at his job, and also led his men very effectively, directing them like a true war veteran would. He was also selfless, and when he realized the First Battle of Kamino was lost, he was willing to sacrifice himself to save his men to fight another day. Though a warrior, Merai was not interested in conquest, and though loyal to the Corporate Alliance, he wasn't interested in wealth, either. He was idealistic, and only wanted the star systems of the galaxy to have justice and freedom.

Notes and referencesEdit

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