G. Kalani
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Baktoid Combat Automata


Super tactical droid


Battle droid

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Masculine programming

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1.94 meters

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Confederacy of Independent Systems


Kalani was a super tactical droid and a CIS General sent by Count Dooku to aid King Sanjay Rash of Onderon around 20 BBY.


Kalani was one of the first new Super tactical droid. In response to Onderon's King, Sanjay Rash's problems with dealing with the rebels, Kalani was sent

Kalani & Dooku speaking with Onderon King Rash.

to act as general in charge of the CIS droid occuaption forces.[1] Kalani, along with Onderon royal militia general Tandin, then oversaw the
Gen.s T & K

Kalani & Tandin torturing and interrogating resistance leader, Saw Guerra.

torture and interrogation of resistance leader, Saw Guerra. When Tandin showed compassion for Gerrera's pain, Kalani was intrigued, but unimpressed. Kalani was later present at Rash's public execution of Dendeup
SR and BDs

Kalani, in the back, awaiting the execution of Dendup.

. Kalani correctly calculated that the rebels would attack and was able to capture them using an ambush by B2 super battle droids. Tandin, however, turned against Rash, and with the help of a Jedi Commander Tano, was able to escape Kalani's ambush.[2] Later, Kalani watched with Rash

Kalani and King Rash watching riots occurring in Iziz.

as riots engulfed Iziz. orchestrated an attack on the rebel hideout with newly designed droid gunships. After the attack failed due to the interference of the Jedi and the pirate Hondo Ohnaka, Kalani was present when King Rash once again appealed to Dooku for more assistance. Dooku listened to Kalani's report on the situation before agreeing that Onderon was a lost cause and ordering a withdrawal of the Seperatist forces there to Agamar. Kalani unceremoniously raised a blaster and executed Rash as he sat on his throne.
GK execution of KSR

Kalani's execution of Sanjay Rash on the orders of Count Dooku.


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