InterGalactic Banking Clan

Led by



  • Collections and Security Division
  • InterGalactic Currency Exchange System
  • Bank of Aargau
  • InterGalactic Bank
  • InterGalactic Bank of Kuat
  • Dressian Kiolsh Merchant Bank
  • Bank Niro Eleven


  • Muunilinst (Capital)
  • Mygeeto
  • Aargau
    • IBC Arcology (Aargau)
  • Coruscant
    • IBC Arcology (Coruscant)
  • Niro
  • Niro 11
  • Scipio

primary role

Major conglomerate of banking bodies


The InterGalactic Banking Clan (also abbreviated to IGBC or IBC) was one of the Republic's commerce guilds. It was a union of Muunilinst's ruling Council of Banking Clans and several other banking powers. Its name likely referred to its extragalactic influence; it was known that the Banking Clan controlled assets as far as halfway between the galaxy and its nearest satellite galaxy. During the Clone Wars, it was allied to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. This financial juggernaut was represented by Chairman San Hill, a Muun from the planet Muunilinst, during that time.