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HH-87 Starhopper
Star Fighter Info

HH-87 Starhopper

Production information


Technical specifications

6.8 meters


2 double laser cannons[1]



The HH-87 Starhopper, also known as the Underworld Starfigther, was a starfighter used by the Zygerrian slavers of the Zygerrian Slave Empire during the Clone Wars.These ships were also used by the Hutt families and other nefarious groups.


The HH-88 Starhopper is a versatile, long range single-person starfighter perfect for hunting down wayward debtors. The vessel's strong prow and visible armor plate are indicative of aggressive attributes admired by the Hutts. The Starhopper's outer stabilizer wings fold up vertically for compact landings, and its wing mounts feature a pair of double laser cannons. The Zygerrians used them to guard their slave processing centers.[2] The Hutts used Starhoppers to patrol the skies of Nal Hutta.[3]


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