Grievous' Providence-class carrier/destroyer
Star Ship Info

Grievous' Providence-class carrier/destroyer


Providence-class carrier/destroyer




1,088 meters

  • 1 Quad cannon
  • 3 Dual laser cannon batteries
  • Heavy ion cannons
  • Point-defense ion cannon battery
  • 8 Proton torpedo launcher batteries
  • 14 Discord missiles
  • 40 Flak Guns
  • 2,800 proton torpedoes

Capital Ship

  • Destroyer
  • Carrier

Grievous' Providence-class carrier/destroyer was a Providence-class carrier/destroyer under the command of General Grievous and TV-94B during the Clone Wars era.


Third Battle of KaminoEdit

During the Third Battle of Kamino, Grievous used his Providence-class carrier as a command ship. When Grievous told his Tactical Droid to launch everything they had and prepare the Munificent-class star frigates for landing, he agreed on it. Grievous' Providence-class carrier destroyed some of the Republic fleet but was used as a diversion. Later, when Grievous and the Jedi landed on Kamino, Grievous' Providence-class carrier and the other ships pulled back.

Grievous' Providece-class carrier(Kamino)- ARCT

Grievous' Providence-class carrier prepared to leave for Kamino.

Battle of Patitite PattunaEdit

During the Battle of Patitite Pattuna, Grievous' Providence-class carrier and 2 Munificent-class star frigates attacked Asajj Ventress' fleet of Venators. The Republic scrambled fighters, but members of the 88th Flight launched and engaged them. Later, Grievous was shooting down on a pirate ship with his carrier. Wolffe came with 5 Venators and boarded Grievous' ship. The Republic captured the ship leaving Grievous to find a new one.

Battle of DathomirEdit

Since Grievous Providence-class carrier was captured, he had to get a new one. Before the Battle of Dathomir, Grievous had another Providence-class carrier during the blockade of Serenno. When the Head of State ordered Grievous to launch his attack, he used his new carrier against the Nightsisters. Once Grievous got there, he told his Supply ships to send the CIS Landing Crafts to land the troops escorted by 6 Vulture Droids. Grievous' ship later launched numerous Droid Tri-Fighters and Hyena-class bombers to attack the Nightsisters.

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