"«Jedi! This is Gorgol, chief mechanic of this station. Hopefully, you have realized the futility of combat in my home. I suggest you surrender... or leave! Go home Republic scum!»"
―Gorgol the Handy[src]
Gorgol the Handy
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Gorgol the Handy


Chief Mechanic of Tambor Deep Space Centre

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Confederacy of Independent Systems


Gorgol the Handy was a Geonosian aristocrat who lived during the Clone Wars.


During the Clone Wars, he had sided with the Confederacy of Independent Systems in their fight against the Galactic Republic. Gorgol was a notably skilled mechanic and was placed in charge of the Tambor Deep Space Centre which was servicing the Confederate Navy. It was the efforts of this mobile shipyard that aided General GrievousinstrikingRepublic positions throughout known space. Gorgol's facilicty was then assaulted by two jedi and two clone officers. They, along with their clone troopers, managed to board the station but were ambushed by battle droid forces that were attached to the station as Gorgol's security forces. Gorgol the Handy later used his controller to remotely activate the deep space centre's defenses which helped him to eliminate the some of the clones. This later prompted an apparent surrender from the Republic forces which Gorgol was willing to accept as he believed he would be rewarded by General Grievous, but discovered that it was a carefully laid out trap. Ambushed by the remaining Republic soldiers and the Jedi, Gorgol attempted to flee but was caught in the sight of Commander Cody's blaster. Rather then kill Gorgol, the clone simply destroyed his controller. Gorgol was arrested with the intention of him being placed in a detention center for his crimes.

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