Gizor Dellso
Gizor CIS

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† Between 18 and 12 BBY, Mustafar




Gizor Dellso was a male Geonosian engineer who worked for the Confederacy of Independent Systems and helped design a signal to shut down the droid army to prevent anyone from using the Confederacy's battle droids against them. Following the end of the Clone Wars and the dissolution of the Confederacy in 19 BBY, Dellso refused to surrender. On the planet Mustafar, he found a secret droid factory near an abandoned Confederacy bunker. Dellso started up the factory and began producing an army of droids, hoping to restart the Clone Wars. Between 18 and 12 BBY, however, the Imperial 501st Legion was sent to Mustafar to eliminate Dellso and end his rebellion. Following a pitched battle, Dellso was killed, and the facility was destroyed.