General was high level military rank denoting the commander of an army. Generals were typically senior officers posted to command ground troops, special operations forces, and starfighter commands. The rank normally didn't exist among spacefaring navies, where the comparable rank of Admiral was used instead. Specialized divisions within large fleet organizations, however, often retained the rank of General, while a minority of interstellar fleets favored General in place of Admiral as the standard term for senior capital ship commanders. Some officers integrated into the command structure who hold a function similar to that of an admiral hold the rank of general instead, muddying the classification waters further.

CIS Droid ArmyEdit

In the military forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, general officers were also known, although usage of the rank was perhaps more restricted than in the Republic hierarchy. Jedi General Grievous, as Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies was regarded as the most senior Separatist military commander during most of the Clone Wars. However, some of the Confederacy’s most senior officers seem to have used the more generic title of Commander instead of General.

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