Force Harvester
Force Harvester
Artillery/Vehicle/Weapon Info

Force Harvester


Super weapon


Naga Shadow


22 BBY


22 BBY

Technical specifications

around 20 Meters


around 20 Meters



The power source of the Dark Reaper superweapon, the Force Harvester was a large swirling globe that produced a gaseous substance that drained the life force from all the beings it came in contact with. It could drain the Force within a small area. However, it could not harvest a wound in the Force. When in use, the Harvester also radiated a bright purple glow. It was originally a device created by Exar Kun to operate the Dark Reaper during the Sith Wars, however, the Jedi Knight Ulic Qel-Droma found a way to it and clues about the Reaper and the Harvester were scattered across the galaxy. For thousands of years, the Force Harvester lay hidden beneath the piles of intergalactic debris on the garbage world of Raxus Prime. During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems uncovered the device and escaped the planet with it shortly before the Battle of Raxus Prime.

The Force Harvester was brought to the moon of Alaris Prime, located in the Kashyyyk system, to test on the Wookiee tribes that resided there. Anakin Skywalker escaped the Harvester and called in Republic forces to stop the Harvester. This did not stop the Dark Reaper Project however, for Count Dooku had escaped with the Harvester and used it on other worlds such as Mon Calamari, Agamar, and Bakura. Once filled with enough energy, Count Dooku traveled to the moon of the distant planet of Thule. There it was attached to the underbelly of the Dark Reaper, and after thousands of years, the ancient Sith weapon was operational yet again.

During the Battle of Thule, the Harvester was targeted by Anakin Skywalker during the final encounter with the Dark Reaper. The Harvester fell to his blasterfire, which caused the Reaper to collapse.

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