Battle of Devaron

First Battle of Felucia
Battle of Felucia

Clone Wars


21 BBY



  • CIS victory
  • Jedi escape from Felucia


Galactic Republic

  • High General Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • General Plo Koon
  • General Anakin Skywalker
  • Commander Ahsoka Tano
  • Commander CC-2224
  • Commander CC-3636
  • Captain CT-7567

C-9979 landing crafts Heavy Missile Platforms

5 Jedi

  • Clone troopers
    • Clone naval officers
    • Clone tank gunners
    • Clone trooper pilots
  • At least 7 All Terrain Tactical Enforcers
  • BARC speeders
  • At least 1 Heavy Assault Vehicle/wheeled A6 Juggernaut

3 Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptors

  • Blade of Dorin

At least 6 Low Altitude Assault Transports/infantry

  • Plo's Bros

Hunter Squadron

  • V-19 Torrent starfighters

3 Venator-class Star Destroyers

  • Negotiator
  • Battle droids and droid starfighters
  • Super tank shield generator
  • Several Munificent-class star frigates
  • Heavy ground and space losses
  • AT-TE walkers abandoned
  • All ground vehicles in Tano's patrol
A battle for control of the planet Felucia took place between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems around the second year of the Clone Wars. When the Confederate General Grievous and the Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress seized Felucia with the Separatist Droid Army, 2 Jedi Generals and a Jedi Commander, were dispatched to lead a clone trooper detachment of the Grand Army of the Republic to maintain the Republic's foothold on the world. However, the Jedi and their forces were soon overwhelmed by the deeply entrenched Separatist troops, and Republic reinforcements were sent to extract the Jedi and the clones from the contested world.

While the Republic Navy's Hunter Squadron and several Star Destroyers in their assault group attacked the large Separatist blockade surrounding Felucia, 2 other Jedi Knights took a squadron of LAAT/i gunships with starfighter escorts to rescue the Jedi and clone troopers on the embattled surface. Although Kenobi, Skywalker, Tano, and the remainder of their battle group were able to evacuate from the planet with Koon's team, the Republic's failure to hold Felucia hampered the Grand Army's efforts in the entire sector.

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