DoctorTD CIS
Tactical Droid Info


Date Destroyed:

† 21 BBY, Ukio

Product Line:



modified tactical droid



Technical specifications

masucline programming

Sensor Color:

Red right, yellow left


E-5 blaster rifle

Chronological and political information

Confederacy of Independent Systems


Doctor was a modified T-series tactical droid commissioned by Magistrate Passel Argente to serve the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.


The Doctor was a derisive and condescending unit. The Doctor worked from a base on Moorja, where he devised Project Instinction—a CIS plan to render the agriworld of Ukio useless to the Galactic Republic. Doctor gathered the photosensitive electro-magnetic Moorjan soil that he planned to have dispersed across Ukio's renowned planetary shield, causing a perpetual blackout and preventing the growth of crops. The droid predicted that the Ukians would drop their shield to disperse the cloud, which would allow him to land units on the planet's surface. Then, devices would be installed that would broadcast signals to living beings on the planet, driving them insane and forcing them to destroy the vital crops.

When he was satisfied that there was no chance of failure, Doctor put his plan into effect. Storing the soil on modified seismic tanks, he took a Lucrehulk-class battleship to Ukio, and launched Project Instinction. He was met by limited Republic resistance in space, but the Ukians predictably lowered the planetary shield, allowing Doctor to move into the second phase of the Project with a minimum of fuss. However, while the inhabitants of Ukio were being driven insane by Doctor's devices, the Confederacy suffered a setback when their positions were overrun by the Jedi. The jedi eventually destroyed Doctor's devices, and although the tactical droid was able to corner the Jedi, he was in turn destroyed by a Jedi General.[1]

Notes & ReferencesEdit

  1. The Clone Wars: Act on Instinct

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