Artillery/Vehicle/Weapon Info


  • Wookiee engineers

Confederacy of Independent Systems


22 BBY



Technical specifications





Up to ten infantry


Battle tank



The Decimator was a war machine developed by the Republic at the start of the Clone Wars.


Equipped with shields and a long-range turbolaser that could target air and ground vehicles, the Decimator could engage and defeat crafts as large as a clone AT-TE. They were also able to ferry infantry around the battlefield, protecting them within the confines of the Decimator, though the vehicle itself was slow.


With its powerful shields, turbolaser, and thick armor, the Decimator was suited to front-line combat. It could easily defeat vehicles of the same caliber in combat, relying on its shields to absorb damage. The Decimator's weapon was limited to firing at just one target at a time and had to charge before it could fire again, which meant that getting off the first shot against comparable vehicles was not assured. The unique weapon of the Decimator could hit aircraft as well, though it still had to charge between discharges.

The slow speed of the Decimator and low firing rate meant that it was better equipped to combat other front-line assault vehicles rather than greater quantities of swifter adversaries. In particular, opponents that could close inside the firing arc of the Decimator's main weapon, such as Jedi or close-range assault troops, were able to avoid its significant firepower. However, the ability to ferry ten additional infantry inside the Decimator meant that it could augment its defense by deploying these soldiers if the vehicle was threatened.[1]


Developed at a secret testing facility located on Eredenn Prime and constructed at Alaris Prime by Wookiees, the Decimator was considered one of the most powerful combat vehicles of its era. However, before the Republic could use them, the Decimators were stolen by the Confederate General Sev'rance Tann. Tann used them to capture the energy-producing world Sarapin, striking fear into the inhabitants of the Core Worlds due to the ensuing blackouts. Her campaign provoked the Republic to send Jedi Master Echuu Shen-Jon to hunt down Tann and her Decimators. Shen-Jon ultimately succeeded at the Battle of Krant, and the Decimators saw no further action in the Clone Wars.

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