"Our orders are to blockade, not chase. I have won this round."
―Admiral Trench
Christophsis Blockade
Christophsis Blockade
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Christophsis Blockade

Commanding Officers(s):

Admiral Trench

Notable Officers:


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Historical Info
Notable Battles:

Battle of Christophsis


Confederacy of Independent Systems

  • Confederate Navy

The Christophsis blockade was Confederate Navy fleet dispatched to blockade Christophsis.



This taskforce participated in the Battle of Christophsis, maintaining the blockade of the planet. Admiral Trench commanded the fleet. It was eventually broken at several points in the battle, with the loss of Trench and his flagship leading to Bail Organa's relief force and troops getting much-needed aid.[1] Later on, a task force commanded by Jedi General Yoda broke the blockade to deliever more troops to hold the planet.[2]

Notes & ReferencesEdit

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