Chameleon droid
Chameleon droid
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Battle Droid Model:

Chameleon droid


Chameleon droid[1]

  • Battle droid
  • Sabotage droid[2]
  • Probe droid[1]
Technical specifications
Sensor Color:



2 meters[1]

  • Laser cannons (3)[2]
  • Frag mines (24)[3]
  • Cloaking device[2]
  • Repulsorlift[1]
Chronological and political information


The Arakyd Industries chameleon droid was a mine-laying sabotage probe droid used by the Confederacy of Independent Systemsduring the Clone Wars. Originally mining exploration droids known as Spelunker probe droids, they were outfitted with laser cannons, military grade mines, and a holographic array for military service. The array worked by scanning the background and the angle of the viewer's sight, then projecting a hologram of the background behind the droid, camouflaging it. Chameleon droids were used throughout the Clone Wars. First deployed at the Battle of Ilum, the droids mined and heavily damaged the Crystal Caves, albeit taking many casualties. The droids also saw use during the Confederacy's subjugation of Ryloth, as well as in the Battle of Felucia during the Outer Rim Sieges. Eventually, all chameleon droids were deactivated after the execution of the Separatist Council at the close of the Clone Wars.



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