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Vulpus CIS

Commander Vulpus, CIS officer

A CIS Officer was soldier held a officer's rank in the CIS Armed Forces and was neither a droid or a Dark Acolyte.

Known RanksEdit

  • Admiral
  • General
  • Commander
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Second Lieutenant

Known CIS OfficersEdit

  • Pors Tonith
  • Trench
  • Kirst
  • Durge
  • Merai
  • Alto Stratus
  • Osi Sobeck
  • Pre Vizsla
  • Riff Tamson
  • Darts D'Nar
  • Xerius Ugg
  • Cydon Prax
  • Oro Dassyne
  • Whorm Loathsom
  • Rootrock
  • Canteval
  • Lushros Dofine
  • Cavik Toth
  • Mar Tuuk
  • Bella
  • Daan

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