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Confederacy of Independent Systems

This Confederacy Base on Boz Pity was a major CIS base. It was used as a command post/headquarters for the CIS forces on the planet and in space.


The Base was established by the CIS during the clone wars. It served as a staging area for raids against the Republic border.[1] It was here that Dooku brought his assassin, Asajj Ventress for medical treatment.

5 months before the end of the Clone wars, the Republic launched a attack on Boz Pity.[2] A team of Jedi and Clone troopers then attacked the base itself. Besides Dooku and Ventress, Grievous was there as well to kill the Sith. Fortunately, Dooku dueled Grievous and Grievous and Jedi were able to escape the republic forces, despite the loss of Ventress for the republic.[3]

Notes & ReferencesEdit

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