"The bombing of the power generator has been confirmed to be a Separatist attack!"
―Senator Gume Saam[src]

Republic attack (Mina Bonteri)

Bombing of the Coruscant power generators

Clone Wars


21 BBY



  • Blackouts and widespread fires on Coruscant
  • Disruptions of peace processes
  • The republic financial bill to de-regulate banking conglomerates is passed

Confederacy of Independent Systems

Galactic Republic


General Grievous (orders via hologram)

Commander CC-1010


At least 6 Demolition droids

  • Coruscant Guard
    • At least 1 clone trooper commander
    • At least 2 other clone troopers
  • Coruscant power generator engineers

At least 4 demolition droids

  • Several generator engineers
  • 1 power generator destroyed
Around 21 BBY, the Confederacy of Independent Systems executed a bombing of a crucial Coruscant power generator in an attempt to stop a peace treaty with the Galactic Republic proposed by Confederate Senator Mina Bonteri. The power generator complex was infiltrated by demolition droids, which took out several Coruscant power generator engineers and planted themselves on the wall as bombs. The droids then exploded, crippling all electrical sources on Coruscant, which resulted in power outages and fires as well as civilian deaths.

As a consequence of the attack, the Galactic Senate passed a bill that de-regulated their banks, also rejecting the initiative to end hostilities between the two belligerents. The peace attempt was later formally withdrawn by Count Dooku.


"There's a problematic situation brewing in the Senate. We must insure that everything my master has set to motion does not unhinge. My representatives in the Republic are relying on you, General. See that your droids complete their mission."
"But of course, Count. They will not fail.
―Count Dooku, tasking General Grievous with the assignment[src]
Around 21 BBY, CIS Senator Mina Bonteri met with republic senator Padme Amidala at her home. They both agreed that the CIS and the Republic negotiate peace with each other. Bonteri then suggested this at the CIS congress. The CIS senate and Count Dooku approved of the Intiative.

However, Dooku secretly gave Gen. Grievous orders to destroy the peace process.[1]


Grievous sent in a team of Demolition droids to Coruscant to carry out a sabotage mission. The droids were able to disguise themeselves as sweeper droids. When the droids arrived they made there way to power generator. The droids were able make their way pass clone troopers.

During that time, the republic was about to vote on the proposed peace bill. The droid then reached the power generator main chamber. There they transformed into their heavily armed forms. They killed the engineers staitioned down there out. The droids then turned bombs and armed each other . The droids then went off destroying themeselves. The droid bombings were able to cause a blackout. Large areas of Galactic City turned dark in moments, and fires broke out in the vicinity of the Republic Senate Building. The senate, to insure the republic's safety, turned the peace bill and deregulated their banks.[1]


When Sen. Amidalla tried to convince them that they should reject the peace bill, most of the republic senate turned against her. The supreme chancellor tried to help her, but just then, Dooku contacted the senate, informing them that have committed their own barbaric attack on their soil, and killing the very sponsor of the peace, Senator Bonteri. Dooku then withdrew their peace offering.[2]

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