Blue Shadow Virus
Blue shadow virus
Bioweapon/Disease Info

Blue Shadow Virus

Historical information
Created by:

Dr. Nuvo Vindi (airborne version only)

Date engineered:
  • 41 BBY (waterborne)
  • 21 BBY (airborne Version)
Home World:


Biological info
Susceptible species:

All carbon based lifeforms

Transmission Type:
  • Waterborne (original)
  • Airborne (Vindi's version)
  • Coughing
  • dimished strength
  • skin fading (shadowlike)

Reeksa root

Skin Color:



Confederacy of Independent Systems

The Blue Shadow Virus was deadly disease that plagued the galaxy generation before the Clone Wars.


It was said and believed by scientists that 20 years before the Clone wars, it was the Candorian plague[1] responsible for that world's eradication. Following that  CIS scientis Dr. Nuvo Vindi re-created the virus, making it more potent and airborne.[2]

Notes & ReferencesEdit

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