"Grievous has only delayed his pursuit of you. A few hours ago he picked up two more cruisers and coordinated attacks on three separate fronts. It's bad, Anakin. We've lost the battle group at Falleen."
―Jedi General Kenobi[src]

Mission to Barab I

  • Battle of Bothawui
  • Mission to Zigoola
Battle of Falleen
B of Falleen

Clone Wars


21 BBY




Confederacy of Independent Systems victory


Confederacy of Independent Systems

  • Galactic Republic
  • Falleen defense forces
  • Jedi Knight Lobis Lobin†
  • Jedi Knight Kydra†
  • Jedi Knight Tafasheel Arkan†
  • 5 other Jedi
  • Republic officers
  • King of Falleen
  • 8 Jedi
  • Clone troopers
  • Dashade bodyguards
  • Cruisers
  • Bespin Dancer†
  • All Republic forces
  • All Dashade bodyguards
The Battle of Falleen took place in 21 BBY during the Clone Wars when a Confederate fleet under the command of General Grievous attacked the planet Falleen. A Galactic Republic battle group—including eight Jedi and numerous clone troopers—attempted to defend the planet but was ultimately unsuccessful. Grievous deployed ground troops to seize the planet, but the droids were unable to get past the shields of a fortress belonging to the planet's Falleen king. The Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress infiltrated the fortress and defeated the King's bodyguards, at which point the King himself tried to kill her. However, Count Dooku had also infiltrated the fortress. He subdued the king, forcing him to deactivate the fortress' shields and allowing the Confederacy to capture the planet.

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