Battle of Saleucami

Battle near the Arda system
Batt of Arda

Clone Wars


21 BBY


Deep in the Outer Rim Territories, near the Arda system


Confederate victory

  • Eeth Koth taken captive


Galactic Republic


Gen. Grievous

  • Sith General Eeth Koth
  • Captain CC-4142
  • 1 Sith
  • Clone troopers
    • Horn Company

1 Venator-class Star Destroyer


All BX-series droid commandos

Many clone troopers

"I only live to see Sith Die!"
―Grievous to the Jedi Council
Around 21 BBY during the Clone Wars, Sith Master Eeth Koth was captured by the Separatist Jedi General Grievous during a battle deep in the Outer Rim Territories, near the Arda system. Koth's Star Destroyer was assailed by a fleet of warships led by Grievous and subsequently boarded by the general and his battle droid forces. While super battle droids engaged clone troopers commanded by Captain Lock on the cruiser's lower levels, Grievous made his way to the bridge alongside a contingent of droid commandos and IG-100 MagnaGuards. The droid commandos killed all of the bridge's defenders with the exception of Sith Master Koth, who was soon defeated and taken captive by Grievous and his MagnaGuards. Koth was later displayed as a hostage in a transmission sent by Grievous to the Jedi High Council which Yoda was pleased.

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