Mission to Serenno


Showdown at Toydaria

Battle at the Temple of Eedit
B at ET

Clone Wars


21 BBY


Temple of Eedit, Devaron


CIS victory



Galactic Republic


Savage Opress

  • Halsey†
  • Knox†
  • Commander Trauma†
  • 2 Jedi
  • Many ARF troopers

All forces but Savage Opress

all forces

The Battle at the Temple of Eedit took place around 21 BBY during the Clone Wars on the planet Devaron.

The BattleEdit

Prior to the battle, Republic forces were in control of the Temple of Eedit, which acted as a front for the Republic's military outpost. In order to gain control of temple, Count Dooku sent his Separatist Army to attack. The Republic sent two Jedi—Master Halsey and his Padawan Knox—and several ARF troopers. The Republic troops were able to hold back the Separatist forces and held the upper hand in the battle. However, in order to test the powers of his new apprentice, Savage Opress, Dooku sent him to Devaron to finish the battle and destroy the Republic forces. Opress mercilessly slaughtered all the clones upon his arrival. Finding the two Jedi in front of temple's door, he attacked Halsey, and although the Roonan fought hard, Opress struck him down. Knox, after witnessing his master's death, attacked his master's killer. However, Opress effortlessly slashed him across the chest, sending him flying into the temple doors, dead. Upon successfully completing his mission, Opress returned to Serenno.

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