Automated Vulture Droid deployment station
Vulture droid deployment pod
Star Ship Info

Automated Vulture Droid deployment station


Space Station


Fighter deployment station


12 meters




Vulture Droids (6)


Automated Vulture droid deployment stations, also called simply Vulture droid bases, were stationary space emplacements, often encountered in the orbit above planets controlled by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Their fundamental objective as to deploy Vulture droids in order to interdict hostile ships from entering the vicinity of the planet around which they orbitated.

Characteristics Edit

The Vulture droid bases possessed six launchings pods, each one carrying a droid starfighter for which it was named. Should any starship deemed as 'hostile' approach the planet, those pods would open to allow the six Vulture droids that served as complement to the space station to neutralize the threat.

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