"Count Dooku sends his regards. We are at your command. We are designed to disassemble over eleven thousand sentient species and have been specially modified for duty on Jabiim."
―Assassin droid commander A71 to Alto Stratus[src]
A-series assassin droid
A-series Assassin Droid
Battle Droid Info
Battle Droid Model:

A-series assassin droid


Pollux Poi[1]


Assassin/battle droid

Technical specifications

Masculine programing

Sensor Color:



3 meters

  • Blaster cannon (1)
  • Retractable finger blades
  • Other weapons
  • Reflective body plating
  • Alien power generator
  • Quad photoreceptors
Chronological and political information
  • Shell Hutts
  • Confederacy of Independent Systems


The A-series assassin droid was a type of advanced battle droid deployed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. It was one of the more advanced and elite models of combat automaton used by the CIS, and it should not be confused with the more basic battle droid assassin.


At 3 meters tall A-series assassin droids were a lot taller than Humans, and somewhat resembled B2 super battle droids in size and physique. They had an angular humanoid chassis, and lean faces, dominated by four red photoreceptors beneath a sharp, swept-back crest. Although their primary function was the assassination of specific targets, these droids typically fought in sizeable teams, overpowering their targets with firepower and combat skill rather than stealth. They seem to have been used sparingly, and on both their recorded front-line deployments, they were sent against groups of Jedi at the direct command of the most senior Separatist commanders.


Assassin droids could use a wide range of weapons. All apparently carried a blaster at the left shoulder, but this usually served as a backup to their other armaments. The most basic model apparently used a hand-held blaster, but some of the droids on Jabiim carried a fixed blaster under either wrist, while the group at Phindar used a variety of weapons, including flechette and sonic detonator launchers, flamethrowers, hard-sound guns, hand-held tractor beam projectors, and, apparently, vibroblades.


Though it was claimed that they were created under the aegis of the Trade Federation, their origin actually predates the organization. The A-series was created by Anx scientist Pollux Poi, who was hired by the Shell Hutts to create an assassin droid to attack the Gejalli kajidic. The Gejalli sent Dashade shadow killers after Poi, who fled to Kashyyyk. For twenty years the A-series served as Poi's bodyguards, stopping the Dashade from killing their creator. After Poi died of natural causes shortly after the conclusion of the Great Sith War, the remaining assassin droids found a piece of Rakatan technology which advanced them further. They went to the Gree Enclave, and were hired out as a group of assassins. When Count Dooku traveled to the Gree Enclave, he purchased the droids, knowing that they would be useful in the coming war.

A group of assassin droids was dispatched to the Second Battle of Jabiim by Count Dooku, modified for operations on the rain-drenched planet, where they fought alongside the Nimbus commandos under the direct command of Alto Stratus.[2] Later in the war, Asajj Ventress carried eighteen assassin droids aboard her personal starfighter, Last Call, which she deployed against Yoda and his team at Phindar Spaceport. A number of assassin droids were also attached to the Separatist field headquarters when it was located on Vjun, but it is not clear whether they were assigned permanently as guards, or if their deployment was a precaution adopted specifically because of Yoda's anticipated arrival.

Notes & ReferencesEdit

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